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Yugcement PRJSC (former Olshansky cement plant) is the largest cement plant in the south of Ukraine with its designed production capacity of more than 1,25 million tons of cement per year.

The plant is located near the village Olshanske, Nikolaev district, 35 km from the city of Nikolaev, about 80 km from Kherson and 130 km from Odessa. It is connected with other industrial centres of the country by the Odessa railway and the Odessa-Simferopol motorway which run along close to it.

Products of the enterprise are used for construction work in the local ship-building and aluminous plant, port construction, nuclear power plants, roads, apartment houses, agricultural, cultural and public amenities. Cement from Yugcement was also used for the construction of the Kiev - Odessa motorway, reconstruction of the Yalta quay and the Odessa Opera Theatre, as well as for the most important construction sites on the territory of the Crimean peninsula.

All cements are made according to State standards of Ukraine about cement production. Quality control is secured by a well equipped laboratory based on the most modern equipment like for example a roentgen fluorescent analyzer. The laboratory is accredited by the Nikolaev state centre of standardization, metrology and certification.

Quality control of cement at Yugcement is proven to be complying to the norms and standards with certificates given by SEPROTSEM Institute, Kharkiv, which on a regular basis carries out technical supervision on conformity.