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Cement is a mineral powder, a building material, a generic name for artificial inorganic binders, mostly hydraulic ones. Fine powder, which first tends to harden when mixed with water or aqueous solutions and then hardens, forming a concrete together with fillers. This process includes the hydrolysis of calcium aluminate to calcium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide, which react with calcium silicates to form crystalline aluminosilicates of calcium. Cement is obtained by burning various raw materials – gypsum, limestone, clay, metallurgical and fuel slag, ash, sludge – at high temperatures (900–1500 C°).

Advantages of the cement produced by Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine PJSC involve high quality raw materials from own quarries, certified and accredited cement laboratories, additional quality control of products by German Research Institute – Wilhelm-Dyckerhoff-Institut, own railway and road transport, advanced distribution system, qualified personnel; tare cement is packaged in a patented paper bag, manufactured by the Italian company MONDI – it is modern, durable, environmentally friendly.