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Portland cement PC ІI/A-S-400


Made on the basis of portland cement clinker TU U 23.5-00030937-018: 2019 with the addition of granulated blast furnace slag. It is characterized by high rate of early strength development and stability of quality parameters , easy to use for concreting in any season.

It is used:

  • In housing as well as industrial construction.
  • In ferro-concrete products and constructions; for manufacturing precast concrete with application of steam for grades of concrete up to 200.
  • For air field construction.
  • For hydraulic engineering constructions (at service in fresh water), for external parts of monolithic concrete of massive constructions, for manufacture of constructions in environments which are exposed to a variable water level.
  • In production of concrete with fast hydration and for winter concrete production by application of additional heat (steam, electric heating).
  • For manufacture of asbestos-cement products.
  • For road construction.

It is characterized

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High rate of development of early strength.
  • Low level of radionuclid, which entitles to use this cement in construction of homes.
  • Stability of all parameters.
  • Non-polluting.