Attention, consumers!!! There is Risk of Using Counterfeit Cement
21 May 2015

Attention, consumers!!! There is Risk of Using Counterfeit Cement

In order to protect yourself from counterfeiting, you must first make sure that you buy cement from the manufacturer that guarantees the quality of the product with certificates and other documents. If you do not have the ability to buy cement directly from the manufacturer, learn about authorized points of sale where you will find it more convenient to purchase cement. Try not to buy cement in the natural markets. Counterfeit is most often found in such places. Carefully read the marking on the package – it should indicate the full name/mark of the cement, DSTU number (the valid number should be Б В.2.7-46:2010), weight, purpose, manufacturer's contact details, product barcode, conditions of storage, additional trademarks used against counterfeiting.

If you have purchased a defective product, you may face the following risks:

- false marking of the cement mark on the bag (for example, you bought type 500 but received type 400 instead);

- underweight of cement (cement weight may be less than indicated on the bag);

- the content of unknown and harmful impurities that affect the quality of cement and can affect your health (violation of sanitary and radiation controls);

- little durability of the building (cracks, loss of bearing capacity, blockages);

- risk of exposure to high or low temperatures, corrosion;

- wasted money or an increase in financial expenses in the case of repairs