Up-to-Date Experience in Dyckerhoff Self-Compacting Concrete Production
19 December 2019

Up-to-Date Experience in Dyckerhoff Self-Compacting Concrete Production

The last important and successful project for the self-compacting concrete production, in which the Dyckerhoff concrete department took part, was the construction project of the entering group of the sales department of the French Quarter Residential Complex located at 137 Vasylkivska Street. The project provided for the production of structures for the supporting floor joists with complex configuration and the floor slab at the same time. The complexity of providing the delivered concrete mix was that the structure had a great height as a whole and extremely hard reinforcement, which in turn made it impossible to use any mechanical concrete mix compaction means. Thus, to ensure the required quality of the concrete structure, it was decided to use self-compacting concrete (Class B30 CM) with a cone flow diameter of 710-730 mm.

In total, it was necessary to deliver 350 m3 of concrete mix, which would not have a shrinkage tendency in the location of supporting joists, as the height in section in these locations was 7.3 m. To ensure the required performance it was important to develop a concrete mix with L-box filling factor with two rows of vertical rod-type inserts H1 / H2> 0.97 and cone flow diameter of 720 mm. Preservation of rheological properties, subject to work performance in the hot period, was 3 hours.  

In this case, it should be noted that such a concrete mix can be delivered only when all the requirements for construction activities contained in the process operating procedure specially developed by our experts are strictly followed, as these concrete mixes slightly vary from the conventional vibrated concrete mixes. In particular, these are the requirements for the quality of the framework used, concrete mix handling system and concrete production supervision in general.

As a result, we have a successful work experience and great customer satisfaction.