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Yugcement Open Joint-Stock Company (former “Olshansky Cement Plant”) is the largest cement plant in the south of Ukraine with a designed production capacity of more than 1,25 million tons of cement per annum.

The first detailed information on geological structure of Nikolaev region dates back to the end of XIX century. Already in the middle of XX century the decision to build “Olshansky Cement Plant” was taken. The “Gregorievskoe Deposit of Cement Raw Materials” became the raw material source for the plant.

The history of the plant starts with the construction of the first technological line in May, 1962On May, 31, 1968 it was put into operation, and on December, 29, 1968 the second line began to operate. From the moment of start and till today the plant has produced more than 50 million tons of cement.

Yugcement OJSC was equipped with the high-efficiency equipment in those days. Quarrying and extraction of raw material was carried out with the most powerful excavators, bulldozers and loaders available. Primary processing of raw material is made in rod mills MСЦ-4, productivity of 350 tph. The raw mills with productivity of 135 tph, rotary kilns with productivity of 70 tph and cement mills with productivity of 50 tph are used for the further processing of raw materials and production of cement.

In the daily work the Yugcement team always found a creative approach to solution of the arising issues. The equipment at the plant was renewed, new equipment was put into operation, technologies were improved, automation and mechanization of production was applied, the quality of products was good.

In 2000 the German company Dyckerhoff AG which unites the manufacturers of cement and other building materials acquired a controlling stock of Yugcement OJSC.

Since this moment a new stage in the history of Yugcement OJSC began. The reconstruction and modernization of the equipment in the clinker burning department was carried out. In the laboratory modern equipment providing reliable quality control was put into operation. In the production departments nearly every machinery was modernized, equipped with new filters and control devices. A new packing plant is being built with the aim to increase the plant’s output of bag cement. Working conditions of the personnel have been improved, the wages have been increased to levels higher than the country’s average. As an obvious result there today is an improvement of the plant’s operation in all spheres.

The new knowledge, the new equipment, improvement of technological processes, continuous cooperation with foreign experts - all this gives grounds for Yugcement OJSC to be in the top of the Ukrainian cement industry and to look with confidence into future.

Yugcement OJSC traditionally provides southern region of Ukraine by cement - Crimea, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson. Products of the enterprise were widely used at construction of ship-building and aluminous plants, port constructions, nuclear power plants, roads, apartment houses, agricultural, cultural and public amenities. Already in independent Ukraine cement from Yugcement was used for the construction of the Kiev - Odessa motorway, reconstruction of the Yalta quay and the Odessa Opera Theatre and also delivered for the most important construction sites of Kiev city.

The company is located in 35 kilometers from the city of Nikolaev, 80 km from Kherson and about 130 km from Odessa. It is connected with other industrial centres of the country by the Odessa railway and Odessa-Simferopol motorway which run along close to Olshansky village.