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Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine

Kievcement Open Joint-stock company is located in the central economic zone of Ukraine, the city of Kiev. The capital is the centre of constant construction and Kievcement today supplies to it cement of all grades.

The history of the cement plant in Kiev started with the “Kiev Cement-Grinding Installations of the National Commissariat of the Building Materials Industry of the USSR” from 1945 when after the war big amounts of cement for reconstruction works in the capital were required.

Since 1947 the construction of the Kiev cement plant started.

In 1949 the first technological line with a cement mill 2,2 х 13 meters and a drying drum 2,2 х 14 meters were commissioned. The capital continued to grow and the existing equipment could not satisfy the need of the quickly developing city.

In 1951 the Ministry of the Building Materials Industry of the USSR allocated resources for the installation of a second technological line which led to an increase in manufacture from 96 thousand tons of cement per year up to 175 thousand tons per year.

In the beginning of 1960s another mill for grinding cement has been established. The capacity of the enterprise rose to up to 219 thousand tons per year. The product range of cement included not only ordinary portland cement but also sulphate resistance, slag portland cement, puzzolana portland cement, and others.

On 2nd January 1994 Кievengcement was converted to the legal form of an open joint-stock company. Kievcement specialized itself on the production of the high strength cement grade 500 DO. The designed capacity of the plant is about 300 thousand tons of cement per year.

In 2000 a controlling share of the plant was purchased by the German company Dyckerhoff AG and Kievcement becomes a member of the world famous industrial group which unites the companies on manufacture of cement and other kinds of building materials. From now on there is a full reorganization of the enterprise. With a new management both new knowledge and investments into modernization of the equipment, a rise both in working conditions and the level of salaries were introduced. A constant process of exchange of knowledge with international experts and trainings raise the quality of qualification of our Ukrainian cement workers and step by step takes them to one level with their international colleagues.