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Unique product quality

All Dyckerhoff products are inspected in our certified laboratory with the German equipment.

150 years of tradition

We offer our customers over 2000 concrete recipes in German technology.

Professional service

Dyckerhoff employs unique specialists with in-depth technical knowledge of concrete production and use technology.

World-class experience

Dyckerhoff has over 500 concrete plants worldwide and produces high quality concrete on 3 continents every year.

Quality product

You will receive a product that undergoes full technological and laboratory testing – we control the entire production cycle.

Professional service

We ensure an individual consultation with our managers, technologists, laboratory technicians for you regarding the choice of concrete class, depending on the complexity of work and season

Wide range of types and classes of concrete

We offer grades of strength from 7.5 to 60, of mobility – from P1 to P5, waterproof characteristics – W4-W12

Flexible payment terms and discount system

We offer an individual approach to pricing and payment terms

Fair and smart logistics

We can offer our own concrete truck fleet and concrete pump services. Timely and full delivery of products from the point of loading to the point of destination

Value for money

You pay for a high quality product that has all the necessary certificates/quality passports