Cement Manufacturers To Step Up Fighting Against Counterfeited Products

Cement manufacturers are intent of stepping up the fight against counterfeited products, UkrCement association executive director Petro Lopatiev has told a press conference.

He stressed, earlier manufacturers could not oppose such phenomena, as they were unable to supply consumers with the necessary amount of commodity, blame shortage of tare. Now, when packaging is no problem, cement makers have decided to intensify the struggle against counterfeited products and their suppliers. In particular, the Odesa-based enterprise Cement, to start with, already applied to Odesa and Kyiv divisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the intellectual property department, the Odesa regional division of protection of consumers, and Odesa Prosecutor's Office. Cement deputy director general Miguel Mashado marked, in April cement sacks, featuring the company logotype and colours, appeared in all Odesa markets. Nevertheless, the bags' content does not correspond to what is written on them. In his words, these contain cement of the ShPTs III/А-400 grade, while the bags labels suppose it to be amore expensive PTs II/B-400 grade. Moreover, he said the bags to weigh 42-45 kilograms, unlike the claimed 50 kilograms. Heidelbergcement Ukraine sales director Petro Hryhorchuk supported the initiative to fight infringed goods and counterfeited, he presented the company plans. "Most likely, we'll provide certificated proving a certain market dealer being our authorised representative," he said. Dyckerhoff Ukraine sales director Serhii Dudzianyi told about the proposed ways to struggle against counterfeit, adding that the company is currently in the re-branding process to change its logo. If currently the logo is red "D", then it would be blue "U". "We're implementing a programme in order to bags with new "U" not to be falsified. Starting from 2010 we'll put maximum protection on our sacks. In addition, we're planning to sell cement only on Europallets, palletized and wrapped in plastic film, it'll be clear at once that the product is factory-made," Dudzianyi said. The companies gave no names of counterfeiters. They share the opinion that in 2009 the cement market would plummet about 40%.

(Ukrainian News, Iryna Zolotar, 07/02/2009)