Portland cement PC ІI/A-S-400

Common portland cement with the mineral additive from 6 up to 20 % grade 400 A.

  • It is made on a basis of chalk and of loam of Gregorievskoe deposit.
  • It consists of 80 % from clinker KT-1 and up to 20 % of a hydraulicly active mineral - granulated blastfurnace slag.
  • Produced according to the norms established by “GSTU B.V.2.7-46-96 building materials. cements for common building purposes” (conditionally complies to CEM II A 32,5, DIN 11641, EN-196).
  • The quality of each party is checked by tests of our laboratory accredited by the Ukrainian centre of standardization, metrology and certification. All chemical, physical and sanitary parameters proved by corresponding documents. Cement certificated by SEPROTSEM Institute and the Laboratory certificated by Nikolaev department of State Committee on technical regulation and consumer policy.

It is used:

  • In housing as well as industrial construction.
  • In ferro-concrete products and constructions; for manufacturing precast concrete with application of steam for grades of concrete up to 200.
  • For air field construction.
  • For hydraulic engineering constructions (at service in fresh water), for external parts of monolithic concrete of massive constructions, for manufacture of constructions in environments which are exposed to a variable water level.
  • In production of concrete with fast hydration and for winter concrete production by application of additional heat (steam, electric heating).
  • For manufacture of asbestos-cement products.
  • For road construction.

It is characterized

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High rate of development of early strength.
  • Low level of radionuclid, which entitles to use this cement in construction of homes.
  • Stability of all parameters.
  • Non-polluting.


Характеристики Портландцементу марки ПЦ II/А-Ш-400 (ЮГцемент)
Характеристики Портландцементу марки ПЦ II/А-Ш-400 (Волинь-цемент)
Характеристики Портландцементу марки ПЦ II/А-Ш-400 (Киевцемент)